Established in Antwerp in 1993, Direggio is a family owned company focused on providing the most exclusive jewellery and bespoke customer service. Arno, 4th generation jeweler and son of the original founder, Reggy Van Meirhaeghe, set up Direggio in Porto in 2020 to bring a fresh perspective on jewellery and the best quality stones from the diamond capital of the world to Portugal.

    Direggio is located in the old fisherman’s quarters by the Douro river in the vibrant city of Porto, in a charming square surrounded by the history and tradition of the city. Every unique piece is handmade and delivered from the original 1993 Atelier in Antwerp with each diamond being handpicked by trusted specialists to ensure the highest quality and your perfect fit.

    Direggio offers a totally bespoke design service which allows our customers to work together closely with our designers to push the boundaries and create extraordinary and unique custom designs.




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